Classrich has been offering online trading and investment education and services to an international array of clients since early 2019. Our team of industry experts is comprised of financial analysts, researchers and best account managers who share a collective experience of over a century. Our goal is to provide actionable education that leads to safe investment opportunities. Our blend of conservative trading and investments knowledge coupled with cutting-edge technology has led to index beating portfolios year after year for our clients. Our team of trading and investments consultants is committed to meeting each individual’s financial goals, whether they are a high net worth individual, or a new investor. The high-quality education combined with professional guidance goes far beyond the reach of your local brokerage, we allow our clients access to some of the leading emerging markets, which ultimately increases the opportunities their portfolio will have. Regardless of your financial goal or plan, one of our experienced account managers will talk you through step by step, from the understanding and preparation of your strategy to the execution of your trades. This, as well as our constantly monitored portfolio service, will put you on the right track for success. Our portfolios aim to generate sustained wealth and increase your knowledge about online trading and financial markets. Working closely with individuals, we give each of our clients an effective and efficient strategy that will work seamlessly with your current financial objectives. At the core of our workforce is our belief that every client no matter how big or small deserves only the best quality education and services. Additionally, we give our clients access to the most current and relevant information that gives them an edge when it comes to their investments. Today we are known in Asia as one of the most successful provider of best consulting services based on our educational services and results. When working with Classrich you will understand that the work we do is completely transparent. When it comes to training courses or trading information we offer complete discloser to each of our clients at their request. Throughout your partnership with us, you will always be fully informed as to how your money is working for you in the financial markets. At the core of our company is our research and technology facility, which has been the powerhouse of our success.


We are one of the leading online trading providers of education whose core values and beliefs are focused on our clients. Without a happy client base, we would not exist. We live in a day and age where people are drowning in information from so many different sources; online, TV, radio, search engines, magazines, newspapers, emails, social media and not to mention notifications on phones, computers, tablets, and electronic devices. This reality along with rapidly advancing technology has made modern-day investing more complicated than it needs to be. Thus, our focus has always been on providing online trading and investment knowledge that are crystal clear, simple to understand and results-oriented. Our reputation has been built on a consistent success, transparency and an insatiable passion for the financial markets. When you are dealing with quality education coupled with the right timing, investing can be supremely enjoyable and rewarding. The kind of education and knowledge that has the power to cut through the noise and genuinely help an individual to make a profitable decision at the right time. Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for all your online trading and investment knowledge needs. Over time, as you come to experience results, your trust and confidence in our service will grow.

Market Analysts Who Influenced Us

Good minds come and go, but great minds stay forever. There are a lot of good stock analysts out there. But the superstar ones are rare. They are those who persevered and really took pride in their skills and talents. They all have something in common: resilience, out-of-box thinking, creativity, and consistency. It could prove hard to rise above the rest without these four traits.

Deborah Weinswig

Deborah Weinswig is a renowned retail analyst whose experience includes 12 years of work at the Citi Research, including the Head of the Global Consumer Discretionary Sector. She also held senior positions at Bear Stearns and Morgan Stanley.

She is highly regarded by her peers. In fact, she is consistently being hailed as one of the best analysts in her field, by various publications such as Business Insider, StarMine, and Institutional Investor.

Tobias Levkovich

Tobias Levkovich is another authority when it comes to spotting market trends. Just recently, he listed what he thinks will be the six surprises for investors for 2016. The list includes expectations of a lower dollar and a rebound of commodities.

His prediction lowering the performance of Standard and Poor’s 500 Index has made waves in the news. He lowered his prediction by 2.3%, attributing it to slumping of crude prices.

Graham Secker

If Hajime Kitano is the go-to guy in Japan, Graham Secker is, on the other hand, the top guy with regards to the European Markets. He has been the guy being followed by non-Europeans who are not so fond of following European stocks.

His insights are more valued than ever because of the on-going Euro Crisis. His recommendations of European stock picks are valuable for investors who want to cash in from the on-going crisis.

Barry Knapp

Barry Knapp, the managing director of money manager BlackRock, Inc., is one of the more famous stock analysts due to his frequent appearances in television shows or quotations in publications.

He used his background in Economics in forecasting trends that will significantly affect prices of different investment assets. No doubt he was given the responsibility to handle the overall operations of the $4.3 Trillion assets of BlackRock, Inc.


Industry Partners

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