Our VIP Services

VIP Services and One to one coaching was introduced as a trading education method in order to provide an alternative or additional option to taking our online trading courses. We, at Classrich, fully understand that everyone’s style of learning is quite different. Therefore one technique might be suitable for one but not for another. You’re VIP Services and One to one coaching is designed for those who prefer to get a more personalized approach from our courses. If this type of learning fits your style better, leave your details below and we’ll be happy to discuss it over a free consultation.


  • Personal Communication
  • Faster Withdrawal Process
  • Writing emails in your behalf
  • Navigation in your trading platform
  • Real time Market Updates (BREAKING NEWS!)
  • Checking and Updating your transactions
  • Keep you Updated about the Wide Range of Financial Products and Services
  • Will take care of your concerns

$50 / 1 Month

Your Subscription will automatically end after 31 days prior to your subscription.